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英语名言名句大全1、It is easy to be wise after the event 事后诸葛亮容易当。2、A contented mind is the greatest bless


1、It is easy to be wise after the event.事后诸葛亮容易当。

2、A contented mind is the greatest blessing a man can enjoy in this world.知足是人生在世最大的幸事。

3、You\'re uinique, nothing can replace you.你举世无双,无人可以替代。

4、Live a noble and honest life. Reviving past times in your old age will help you to enjoy your life again.过一种高尚而诚实的生活。当你年老时回想起过去,你就能再一次享受人生。

5、The first step is as good as half over.第一步是最关键的一步。

6、Laugh and grow fat.心宽体胖。

7、Honesty is the best policy.诚实为上策。

8、Plain living and high thinking.生活要朴素,情操要高尚。

9、Wasting time is robbing oneself.浪费时间就是掠夺自己。

10、Bad times make a good man.艰难困苦出能人。

11、There is no disputing about tastes.人各有所好。

12、Cease to struggle and you cease to live.(Thomas Carlyle)生命不止,奋斗不息。(卡莱尔)

13、A strong man will struggle with the storms of fate.(Thomas Addison)强者能同命运的风暴抗争。(爱迪生)

14、Conceit is the quicksand of success.自负是成功的流沙。

15、A man can\'t ride your back unless it is bent.你的腰不弯,别人就不能骑在你的背上。

16、He that makes a good war makes a good peace.正义的战争创造持久的和平。

17、Wealth is the test of a man\'s character.财富是对一个人品格的试金石。

18、If you fail, don\'t forget to learn your lesson.如果你失败了,千万别忘了汲取教训。

19、He is rich that has few wants.寡欲者富。

20、Until you make peace with who you are, you\'ll never be content with what you have.除非你能和真实的自己和平相处,否则你永远不会对已拥有的东西感到满足。

21、Great works are performed not by strengh, but by perseverance.(Samuel Johnson, British writer and critic)完成伟大的事业不在于体力,而在于坚韧不拔的毅力。(英国作家和评论家 约翰逊。 S.)

22、He that makes a thing too fine, breaks it.做事过于苛求,反把事情弄坏。

23、The best hearts are always the bravest.心灵最高尚的人,也总是最勇敢的人。

24、To be both a speaker of words and a doer of deeds.既当演说家,又做实干家。

25、The wealth of the mind is the only wealth.精神的财富是唯一的财富。

26、True mastery of any skill takes a lifetime.对任何技能的掌握都需要一生的刻苦操练。

27、Good is good, but better carries it.精益求精,善益求善。

28、A man is only as good as what he loves.一个人要用他所爱的东西有多好来衡量。

29、The secret of success is constancy to purpose.成功的秘密在于始终如一地忠于目标。

30、You never know your luck.命运好坏不由己。

31、A little labor, much health.适量的劳动有益于健康。

32、Courtesy is the inseparable companion of virtue.礼貌和美貌是分不开的伴侣。

33、Behind every successful man there\'s a lot u unsuccessful years. (Bob Brown)每个成功者的后面都有很多不成功的岁月。(鲍博;布朗)

34、You have to believe in yourself. That\'s the secret of success. (Charles Chaplin)人必须有自信,这是成功的秘密。(卓别林)

35、Shallow men believe in luck.Self-trust is the first secret of success.肤浅的人相信运气,而成功的第一秘诀是自信。

36、I have no secret of success but hard work.除辛勤工作之外,我别无成功的秘诀。

37、If you would go up high , then use your own legs ! Do not let yourselves carried aloft; do not seat yourselves on other people\'s backs and heads .(F.W .Nietzsche , German Philosopher)如果你想走到高处,就要使用自己的两条腿!不要让别人把你抬到高处;不要坐在别人的背上和头上。(德国哲学家 尼采。 F. W.)

38、Keep trying no matter how hard it seems. it will get easier.坚持不懈,难也变易。

39、Sow nothing, reap nothing.春不播,秋不收。

40、The dictionary is the only place where success comes before work.只有在字典中,成功才会出现在工作之前。

41、Sharp tools make good work.工欲善其事,必先利其器。

42、What makes life dreary is the want of motive.(George Eliot)没有了目的,生活便郁闷无光。(乔治;埃略特)

43、There are no shortcuts to any place worth going.到任何值得去的地方都没有捷径。

44、Success grows out of struggles to overcome difficulties.成功来自于克服困难的斗争。

45、There is no garden without its weeds.没有不长杂草的花园。

46、Variety is the spice of life.变化是生活的调味品。

47、Doubt is the key to knowledge.怀疑是知识的钥匙。

48、There is no such thing as a great talent without great will - power. (Balzac)没有伟大的意志力,便没有雄才大略。(巴尔扎克)

49、Gratitude is the sign of noble souls.感恩是精神高尚的标志。

50、Politeness costs nothing and gains everything.礼貌不用花一分钱,却能赢得一切。

51、The man who has made up his mind to win will never say “impossible ”. (Bonaparte Napoleon ,French emperor )凡是决心取得胜利的人是从来不说“不可能的”。( 法国皇帝 拿破仑。 B.)

52、Every man at forty is a fool or a physician.人到四十,如果不是傻子,就该知道保养身体。

53、Clothes do not make the man.人不在衣装。

54、Living without an aim is like sailing without a compass.(John Ruskin)生活没有目标,犹如航海没有罗盘。(罗斯金)

55、That man is the richest whose pleasure are the cheapest.能处处寻求快乐的人才是最富有的人。

56、When all else is lost the future still remains.就是失去了一切别的,也还有未来。

57、Genius only means hard-working all one\'s life. (Mendeleyev Russian chemist)天才只意味着终身不懈地努力。(俄国化学家 门捷列耶夫)

58、Between two stools one falls to the ground.脚踏两头要落空。

59、Accept what was and what is, and you\'ll have more positive energy to pursue what will be.接受过去和现在的模样,才会有能量去追寻自己的未来。

60、Sweat is the lubricant of success.汗水是成功的润滑剂。

61、You make the failure complete when you stop trying.当你停止尝试的时候,你就完全失败了。

62、Work won\'t kill but worry will.劳动无害,忧愁伤身。

63、Where there is life, there is hope.有生命必有希望。

64、Nurture passes nature.教养胜过天性。

65、At twenty years of age , the will reigns; at thirty , the wit ; and at forty , the judgment .(Benjamin Franklin ,American president)二十岁时起支配作用的是意志,三十岁时是机智,四十岁时是判断。(美国总统 富兰克林 . B.)

66、Enrich your life today,. yesterday is history.tomorrow is mystery.充实今朝,昨日已成过去,明天充满神奇。

67、I have nothing to offer but blood, boil, tears and sweat. (Winston Churchill, British politician)我能奉献的没有其它,只有热血、辛劳、眼泪与汗水。(英国政治家 丘吉尔。W.)

68、The first wealth is health .(Ralph Waldo Emerson , American thinker)健康是人生第一财富。(美国思想家 爱默生。 R. W.)

69、The world is his who enjoys it.活着感到快乐,世界就属于你。

70、You can\'t judge a tree by its bark.人不可貌相。

71、There is no royal road to learning.求知无坦途。

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